Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning
in Big Spring, TX

Your carpets at home provide added insulation throughout the house, reduce noise levels from one room to another, and ensure soft comfort underfoot. Over time, however, they can accumulate stains from things like food, liquid, pets, children, arts and crafts, and more. 

With that said, there comes good news! There’s no reason you should go out and buy a new carpet every time you can’t remove stains with store-bought cleaner. Call in the professionals of Clanton Chem Dry in Big Spring, TX and save money and time from doing the job yourself. 
Residential Carpet Cleaning Big Spring, TX

Enjoy Cleaner Carpets at Home

We come fully equipped for all residential carpet cleaning jobs, whether we’re cleaning carpeting throughout an entire house, on stairs, in basements, or in just one room. Our cleaning solutions and equipment have been proven to deliver outstanding, noticeable results. We make carpets look brand new no matter how many accidental red wine, pasta sauce, or pet urine stains you might have.

• Reduce allergens and dust • Improve indoor air quality • Remove stains and odors • Prevent mold growth • Extend the life of your carpeting 

Call us today to clean your carpets at home. 
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